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Over the last 20 years, Media Fizz has developed from its roots in information technology, photojournalism and photography into a dedicated web design and digital marketing company with local, national and international clients. Our growing team has experience in copywriting, photography, graphic design, programming, information technology, publishing and marketing.  We are innovative, hard-working and generous in our business philosophy which aims to deliver highy quality output, unparalled value and affordable payment solutions.

Our focus is on small to medum sized businesses across all sectors - including pubs, restaurants, hairdressing salons and a host of other organisations. With in-house NHS management direction. we  also have a specialist interest and wide portfoio in NHS general practice, private hospitals and NHS primary care networks. In all that we do, our aim is to please the client and deliver on their objectives Customer service is of the utmost importance to us. For that reason every client will find us approachable, naturally friendly and totally committed to providing excellence. We work 7 days a week with a 24 hour helpline.

At Media Fizz web design, we aim to produce stunning, fit for purpose and affordable website designs that meet the client's needs and aspirations. Our sites are fully managed and we deliver same-day updates and periodic refreshes within our monthly subscription packages. These include web hosting, search engine optimisation & domains. With package that include social media management and email marketing, our services represent a one-stop shop.

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