Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of increasing the volume of traffic to a website or page within that site from search engines such as Google by 'natural' means - rather than a paid inclusion on the top or top section of the list.  There are many companies offering to optimise a particular website for a monthly fee. If you are a Media Fizz DIGITAL Pay as You Go customer, SEO comes bundled in your package. In effect, we roll it in at no cost.

If we are involved with writing your site, we are in an ideal position to optimise the pages so that they are search engine friendly. This involves your site's HTML code. We make sure that web design menus, videos, images and body text are all carefully constructed. We also submit your new site to a large number of important search engines - all in the package price. Additionally, we look to link your site with others and to ensure that you have the correct set of  keywords built-in behind the site. 

Once your site is written and published on-line, as with others, it will take a short time to rise up the search engine rankings. You may wish to pay for  a prime position, but if you want to save on the not inconsiderable cost of that, a well optimised site should be able to find a good enough position.  In some cases, competition will be very hot. For example, a shoe shop in London may have more of a battle for the top listing than a saddle maker in Bootle!  Wherever you are and whatever you so, we will give your site the best chance of a top listing using the key words that are particular to your enterprise.

The SEO process is both a science and an art. Whilst we use sophisticated software to analyse your site and the sites of your competitors, there is also an element of artistry in the way the site is constructed.

Aside from SEO, we do very much believe in the principle of growth by retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones. To that end we offer some very powerful and amazingly cost-effective marketing solutions to drive people to your site. Please read our marketing section to find out more.