Do you use templates for web design?
No. Every page is individually designed. We work closely with clients to ascertain the look and feel required. In that respect we are very flexible and will continue working until clients are completely happy.

What Happens Once I start my Pay as You Go subscription?
Once you have started your subscription, we email a welcome pack which includes details of your named account manager who will closely liaise with you not just during website building - but afterwards as we work with you to make sure that your website is achieving your objectives going forward.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Your subscription is for a 12 month minimum period. If you cancel before that time any outstanding payments for that first year are immediately due. Once the 12 month initial period is over, subscriptions continue unless you cancel.Contracts are on a one year rolling basis. 
Can I host the site you design on a server on my choice?
Your Pay as You Go deal includes web-hosting on our server. Media Fizz websites can only be hosted on this server. You may transfer your domain name to another server on payment of a covering administration fee.

What makes Media Fizz Digital different?
We offer much much, more - for less. Our approach is one of being a friendly and highly professional part of your team and working with you to develop and promote your business.  It is our strong belief that a website has to be a dynamic, active and cost-effective tool. Our websites have a very wide range of premium features as standard and within the price. We care about our clients and have supreme pride in what we do.

How long before my site goes live after I set up the subscription?
We start work immediately. The time to going live with your website design will vary according to how many pages you require &how much work is required writing copy and incorporating images. Experience shows that the period to going live usually varies from 7 days to one month.

Why is the initial subscription period one year?
Once you start your subscription, we are immediately involved in costs with new domain name purchase or transfer, web hosting, website design and account administration. Our monthly Pay as You Go subscriptions are extremely low given the number of premium features included.  We therefore feel that a one year initial period is more than fair. Three months payments are due in advance.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Helpline.